Sibling Rivalry

Word on the street is
Abraham is your daddy too
but that doesn’t mean much to you
snarling and smashing
crashing and quick
with the tongue and fist.
That shit list of yours
is set in stone
and when you’re done
I’ll prop it on your grave
to remind us to save
some prayers for those
drug down with you
on fast-forward to the last scene
no time for plot or meaning
eyes fixed on the screen
for a climax.
And when the curtain falls
it brings an axe.
And you drug us all
down with you.

(ReadWritePoem Prompt #39)


Watchful Fruit

The other night, I cut a piece off of an avacado. Then I started fiddling about the kitchen. When I turned around, here was this scary eye looking up at me!
I don't know what made it red, but it made an excellent guacamole all the same.