Beauty Treatment

Skin softened by sun
seeps in moisture from the air.
The ocean’s just show.

(InspireMeThursday Prompt)



Statue near Bishop's Castle, CO

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When the longest- and the shortest- lived of us come to die, their loss is precisely equal. For the sole thing of which any man can be deprived is the present; since this is all he owns, and nobody can lose what is not his.
Marcus Auralius Meditations
This is by far one of my favorites.
I find it very comforting.


Standing in the Shadows

Standing in the Shadows By Rick Mobbs

I’m a superhero goddess, who am I?
I am the molder of your fate, who am I?

I’m the savior when your buildings are burning,
champion and tamer of beasts, who am I?

I can fly myself to the edge of the Earth;
I see unencumbered and know, who am I!

Here clarity rings long with lines and answers;
All pieces fit to reveal your who am I.

You believe you are too busy to listen;
It does not mean I’ve not disclosed, who am I.

I am you in hazy moments wavering
Sleep and awake, wandering with who am I.

Stark, I illuminate future and wisdom.
Jenn, don’t wipe away sleep and ask who am I.

Thanks to Rick Mobbs for permission to use this image.
(ReadWritePoem Promp #36)


Polka Dots


Mixed Media Interpretation of Polka Dots
(InspireMeTursday Prompt)

Polka Dots! What a great excuse to do something silly and fun. When I have a car again, I will mount it.

And I was so happy that I found a good use for empty cat food cans. I thought they were so cute. I washed them and kept them for a while with no use in mind for them until now! I liked how they were gold on the outside and white on the inside.

Of course, the cats were very interested while I was putting this together.

A Set of Three

My Grandmother bought a house in the Colorado mountains, and I started on a set of three paintings of natural things for her. It is her wish to decorate it only in things found around the house or pictures of the area. The pinecone came 1st, the the leaf, so of course I have been dillydallying on finishing the 3rd installment. I have only a sketch of an out line of an Aspen branch with a couple leaves that will be in the beautiful Aspen gold. The background is done in bright flaming reds and yellows. Grandma has had that place for 2 winters now. *sigh*


A picture of the property taken by my mother.

It is a breathtaking place.



I stretch out each limb
Finding all they’re worth
After uncurling myself
Out and over the earth
How will you find me
I melt into the world
While it melts into me
Walk up to the mirror
For the world to see
How will you know me

How will you love me
After every road I’ve run
Will you be waiting at the end
And love me like you’ve done

Poem of the Week

The second weekly Proud Giraffe Award goes to Karen Crone's ghazal, Hold Hands. Each couplet is truly a poem in of itself; each image invokes an emotional response.