A Set of Three

My Grandmother bought a house in the Colorado mountains, and I started on a set of three paintings of natural things for her. It is her wish to decorate it only in things found around the house or pictures of the area. The pinecone came 1st, the the leaf, so of course I have been dillydallying on finishing the 3rd installment. I have only a sketch of an out line of an Aspen branch with a couple leaves that will be in the beautiful Aspen gold. The background is done in bright flaming reds and yellows. Grandma has had that place for 2 winters now. *sigh*


A picture of the property taken by my mother.

It is a breathtaking place.


david mcmahon said...

It sure is a breathtaking place.

Laura said...

And you paint too? Please don't tell me you like to iron, or I'll have to hate you!

Jenn: said...

Hehe. Laura, John does all the ironing. The military made him good at it.

Me? I just wet it down a lil and throw it into the dryer. Any wrinkles after that are meant to be. ;0)

Merisi said...

"Dreams of My Russian Summer" is what this beautiful landscape with birch trees evokes in my mind (a novel by Andrei Makine, about a boy who spends his summers visiting his grandmother in the Russian countryside).

(I came over here thanks to David .)

Cheffie-Mom said...

Wow, how blessed your mom is to live in such a beautiful place. And how beautiful the paintings are. I love leaves. They are very special to me. Please stop by my blog and leave a comment anytime. I found your blog by visiting David's blog. Have a wonderful day!