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I love prompts. I don't think my best stuff comes from prompts, as usually I am rushing to meet the deadline, but they are very useful. I have learned new poetry forms and processes. They also give me a reason to write a lil more often and a lil more regularly. Yes, I am one of those people who needs a reason.

However, the best thing about prompts is reading other poet's work with the same prompt that I have been working with. I love to see the different ways people interpret one drawing or even one word! The poetry prompts that give you a handful of words to include are especially fun. It is like rune reading. One person takes the words, shakes them up, lays them out, and sees certain thoughts, emotions, and circumstances appear. Then I take them, and toss them out into a totally different story.

I see prompts as exercises for the poetic muscles, which need to stretch different ways to truly be healthy and strong. It is impossible for one person to come up with every which way on their own.


Jigsaw Poem


Heavy summer air plays tag
with thin cool ocean breezes
They chase carefree through trees tops
carrying shouts of beachgoers
who are just out of site

I inhale the scene
savoring it like the scent of a lover's hair
I taste the sea salt
spiced with the timber planks
layed before me in a twisted path

which decants me from woods to sand
while the wings of the evening
wrap around it all
turning the sky amber
and making the moment a dream

(Jigsaw Poem for Poets Who Blog)



So Nice To See You Again, How's The New Wife?

sweet scent
of you stinging
my nostrils, promises
are baked road kill, kisses are green
shiny pus filled wounds, acid coats my tongue,
memories are wet dogs begging
foaming at the mouth from
your sickening
sweet scent

(ReadWritePoem Promt #38)


Dark Matter

(Hubble Space Photo)

and now they,
scientists, say
we're not really moving together,
but farther away.
galexies have dreams of their own,
noses pointed on where to go.
well, then
we'll get
that space
we long for
and if I miss your face,
tears of doubt
won't turn back time
when all the stars go out
then my heart, cold third stone,
will know, we'll know
what it is to have space
and to be alone.

Dark energy:
BIG BANG pushed all the galaxies out, but gravity to eachother slows them. As they get farther from eachother, they are slowly speeding up, because gravity is having less impact in the larger spaces.

1995: Hubble discovered the galaxies are continuing to move farther from eachother at a faster rate by measuring LIGHT from supernovas.

1916: Einstein thought all this might be so, but rejected it because it was against what we thought we knew at the time. He was LOOKING for a way to prove the universe was STATIC.

SO eventually dark energy will push all the stars away from eachother SO FAR that they will no longer be visable from eachother.

(InspireMeThursday Prompt Shrink)

Poem of the Week

Happy one month aniversary to Drawings in the Sand!

The 4th weekly Proud Giraffe Award goes to Pamela Olson for her Monday Mural poem, Cycle of Sighs. The poem itself seems to breathe.