Jigsaw Poem


Heavy summer air plays tag
with thin cool ocean breezes
They chase carefree through trees tops
carrying shouts of beachgoers
who are just out of site

I inhale the scene
savoring it like the scent of a lover's hair
I taste the sea salt
spiced with the timber planks
layed before me in a twisted path

which decants me from woods to sand
while the wings of the evening
wrap around it all
turning the sky amber
and making the moment a dream

(Jigsaw Poem for Poets Who Blog)


Coastcard said...

Congratulations: a lovely poem, and you were so quick!

Coastcard said...

It occurred to me that - following your last challenge - you might like to take part in Global Poetry Prompt Appreciation Day (today). If so, the following link will lead you there (via my attempt):


polona said...

what a wonderful sentiment this creates!
love it

Nathan said...

This really puts you in the scene -- such great sensory details.