Dark Matter

(Hubble Space Photo)

and now they,
scientists, say
we're not really moving together,
but farther away.
galexies have dreams of their own,
noses pointed on where to go.
well, then
we'll get
that space
we long for
and if I miss your face,
tears of doubt
won't turn back time
when all the stars go out
then my heart, cold third stone,
will know, we'll know
what it is to have space
and to be alone.

Dark energy:
BIG BANG pushed all the galaxies out, but gravity to eachother slows them. As they get farther from eachother, they are slowly speeding up, because gravity is having less impact in the larger spaces.

1995: Hubble discovered the galaxies are continuing to move farther from eachother at a faster rate by measuring LIGHT from supernovas.

1916: Einstein thought all this might be so, but rejected it because it was against what we thought we knew at the time. He was LOOKING for a way to prove the universe was STATIC.

SO eventually dark energy will push all the stars away from eachother SO FAR that they will no longer be visable from eachother.

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johanna said...

beautiful, beautiful words! i love your poem

polona said...

dark matters, it seems...

love the poem and the facts