Child's Rhyme


The itsy bitsy spider
Climbed up wedding dress
Down came the veil
And made the spider blessed

Out came the priest
And damned again its soul
And the itsy bitsy spider laid poison in the role

No, I don't hate my husband. I do feel that you learn about dad/mom/wife/husband roles and what they mean to eachother as a child. You are taught them with the repetition and inconspicuousness of a nursery rhyme.


Excuse me, have you seen this poem?

I lost a poem.

I stayed up very late a couple nights ago working on a poem with rhyme and meter and all the trimmings, and now I have no idea where it is! I can't find it on my computer, in my notebooks, or saved in any web places. As soon as I decided I was done working on it, I felt so unburdened by it, that I just sighed happily and went to bed. I forgot I even wrote it the next day. When I remembered it, I went to look for it, and no can find.

Do you ever hear a hilarious joke in a dream and wake up laughing thinking, "Oh I have to remember that one," then when you wake up again, all you remember is that it was funny? That is what it feels like. I know I did not dream it though.

I am pulling my hair out!



Late Again Lavender


Mother Nature by alizarin
Monday Mural from Poefusion

Late again Lavender
lost your sense of time,
gone in the grisliest
robbery of rhyme

Duck and dodge Lavender
past nobility,
interceding costar:
slick civility

Pickax pricked Lavender
rework your last rhyme,
send overburdened tunes
through highways of time

*Random Inspiration: Chose 5 nouns, verbs, and adjectives from the dictionary, and build a poem with them*
I did not use them all. Odd how it was that all the M-words that did not make it.
Nouns: costar, highway, macrame, nobility, pickax
Verbs: duck, intercede, mate, overburden, rework
Adjectives: grisly, lavender, mod, past, slick

The kind of otherwordliness and sad/repulsed/determined look of the figure made me think of this poem. And her hand out-stretched as if she is doesn't think it will work, but she has to try. Her reaction is too human to see her as nature.


Slice of Paradise

Another piece for InspireMeThursday's beach challange.

Poem of the Week

A day late, the 3rd weekly Proud Giraffe Award goes to We are Astronauts or The Pornography of a Backrub by Robin Sontheimer found in qarrtsiluni for a string of thought provoking, retorical questions.