Late Again Lavender


Mother Nature by alizarin
Monday Mural from Poefusion

Late again Lavender
lost your sense of time,
gone in the grisliest
robbery of rhyme

Duck and dodge Lavender
past nobility,
interceding costar:
slick civility

Pickax pricked Lavender
rework your last rhyme,
send overburdened tunes
through highways of time

*Random Inspiration: Chose 5 nouns, verbs, and adjectives from the dictionary, and build a poem with them*
I did not use them all. Odd how it was that all the M-words that did not make it.
Nouns: costar, highway, macrame, nobility, pickax
Verbs: duck, intercede, mate, overburden, rework
Adjectives: grisly, lavender, mod, past, slick

The kind of otherwordliness and sad/repulsed/determined look of the figure made me think of this poem. And her hand out-stretched as if she is doesn't think it will work, but she has to try. Her reaction is too human to see her as nature.


marina said...

Hello, I just visited your blog: what a nice blog! I really like your introduction paragraph about the poems written on the sand. Very lovely!
Thanks for your nice comment on my site.

Michelle Johnson said...

What a nice random exercise to do. I think your poem turned out nicely. I think it can be a bit scary when we feel our rhyme has been robbed of us. We can only hope that our words begin to flow again through continued writing and rewriting. Nice job. Have a nice day.

Thanks for giving Poefusion a try.

Crafty Green Poet said...

There's a erally interestign feel to this poem, it fits the mood of the picture very well I think.

Crafty Green Poet said...

really interesting, I meant of course. My fingers ran away with themselves...

Jenn: said...

Thanks Crafty Green Poet, I was going more for the mood. Her facial expression was so strong.

Thanks for coming over to see it Michelle. This was my first Monday Mural.

Marina, I am glad you like it ;0)

Pam said...

Your poem turned out really well considering the addition of using random dictionary words. Nice job.