Excuse me, have you seen this poem?

I lost a poem.

I stayed up very late a couple nights ago working on a poem with rhyme and meter and all the trimmings, and now I have no idea where it is! I can't find it on my computer, in my notebooks, or saved in any web places. As soon as I decided I was done working on it, I felt so unburdened by it, that I just sighed happily and went to bed. I forgot I even wrote it the next day. When I remembered it, I went to look for it, and no can find.

Do you ever hear a hilarious joke in a dream and wake up laughing thinking, "Oh I have to remember that one," then when you wake up again, all you remember is that it was funny? That is what it feels like. I know I did not dream it though.

I am pulling my hair out!


polona said...

oh, that must feel frustrating!
hope the poem pops up from some unexpected place...

johanna said...

that sucks! i know how that feels