I stretch out each limb
Finding all they’re worth
After uncurling myself
Out and over the earth
How will you find me
I melt into the world
While it melts into me
Walk up to the mirror
For the world to see
How will you know me

How will you love me
After every road I’ve run
Will you be waiting at the end
And love me like you’ve done


Laura said...

My favorite so far! Nice job, Jenn!

Sharon said...

Okay, this may sound like a dumb thing to ask but . . . you are writing all of these Jenn? I feel so silly because I thought someone else had, and they were your favorites.

If I could only figure things out when I'm supposed to.

Jenn: said...

Pawsome adaptation Sharon! I am flattered! ;0)

If you see a poem in its full form, it is mine.

I have a Poem of the week, which is not mine, but it it is only posted as a LINK.

Quotes of the day are not mine, as they say right afterwards WHO said them and WHERE.

Although, maybe I like the anonyminity and you were right all along. hehe

Same with pictures. If they are not mine- that means I credit them with both name and LINK and have permission to show them on my blog.

Thanks to both you and Laura for following me over here.

polona said...

oh, this is rather wonderful. love it.