Standing in the Shadows

Standing in the Shadows By Rick Mobbs

I’m a superhero goddess, who am I?
I am the molder of your fate, who am I?

I’m the savior when your buildings are burning,
champion and tamer of beasts, who am I?

I can fly myself to the edge of the Earth;
I see unencumbered and know, who am I!

Here clarity rings long with lines and answers;
All pieces fit to reveal your who am I.

You believe you are too busy to listen;
It does not mean I’ve not disclosed, who am I.

I am you in hazy moments wavering
Sleep and awake, wandering with who am I.

Stark, I illuminate future and wisdom.
Jenn, don’t wipe away sleep and ask who am I.

Thanks to Rick Mobbs for permission to use this image.
(ReadWritePoem Promp #36)


Nathan said...

This is a great use of the form. You even worked your name in at the end. I like the way you cultivate mystery in this without sacrificing coherence.

Anonymous said...

I like the multiple meanings you get out of three simple words "who am I". I like the ambiguity of who is speaking to whom, not resolved until the end, which then leads to seeing and re-reading the poem in a new light.

You have many nice phrasings; my two favorites are "it does not mean I've not disclosed" and "don't wipe away sleep".

Jenn: said...

Thank you both for your kind words. I wish I had a poem that did more justice to the beautiful painting. This was more challanging than I thought it would be.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Good use of the prompt and a ghazal to boot,

Sharon said...

No great words of wisdom, but this poem is wonderful Jenn. I think the poem and the painting fit together perfectly.

Rowena said...

Love the painting. Love the poem.

By the way... my real name is Rowena... as in Ravenclaw.

christine said...

I really like your rationale behind your blog, the idea of sand paintings, and not clinging to the results of your creativity.

This is your first ghazal? You make the form sing. Nice to read your work via RWP.