dogs wilting with mange
days heavy with sky
the deathly cheeks of a stranger
far off summer thunder
groans from a sleeping lover
the low hum of pub chatter
hotel smoking rooms
cold hamburger, burned last night
the very last sip of muddy tea
washing all those dishes
the last four hours of a sinus headache
Grey can steal your breath like a cat


One of my less edited poems, but I am trying to post more. I hate that old wives tale about cats stealing your breath at night, but I like to use it in poetry. It is like telling kids the Boogieman will come if they don't go to sleep. In this poem, I was trying to say that grey is on the scale between black and white, both and neither.


polona said...

grey can be so depressing and sometines it feels like it stifles every other colour...
well done, though

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is very effective, good use of grey.

I'm trying to see something other than depressing though in the grey clouds that have defined this summer so far....

Laura said...

If cats really took your breath away when you sleep, I'd be dead 1000 times over! When is it gray, and when is it grey? I always confuse the two.

Jenn: said...

I always liked grey but I think gray is the more popular spelling. Both are OK in the dictionary.