Today, I went walking along the shore. My 2nd time in the ocean since moving to Spain. And I was looking for rocks and shells, when I saw a bee. High up in the low tide. Writhng in the sand. Why it was there I do not know.

Did it sting someone? Did it get too wet to fly? Was it the time for the bee to go? I don't know. But it was agonizing to watch it. And yet, I wondered if I had stepped on it, would it have stung me? Would I have been it's last victim? Bees can kill long after they are dead. That could have been me.

I don't know.

But I wrote some verses there before I left the beach. They are to come.

I will never know what happened to that bee.


Laura said...

Well, I learned something new today - I didn't know bees could kill long after they are dead! Believe it or not, I've never been stung - knock on wood!

Jenn: said...

Laura, their stings stay there full of poison, and if you step on it, the stinger can poke you and the pressure pushes the poison into your foot.

It can only kill you if you are alergic, I meant, which I am not. But it is a freaky fact.

Never stung?? You must be a bee charmer ;0)

Sharon said...

That's sad . . . the bee struggling. But I probably would have left it there too. Who will save the bees???

I've been stung several times but not in years.