Driving The Nails In

Poetic Procrastination:

Ani Difranco said something about her songs being ever in evolution and never really finished. That is the same way I feel about my poetry. When I see a poem after a couple years, I think, "Brilliant. But this should be here and this line is gone!"

It is almost always pruning. I fear not having said enough, knowing with peotry, just a couple words can make the reader trip. I have to get braver with each review in order to take out what shouldn't have been there--like taking the training wheels off, so I can go faster, smoother.

My poetry has been in constant flux under my own eyes and no one else's for fear of having those words being nailed in place, but it is time to take those training wheels off as well.


Crafty Green Poet said...

aha - a quote from Ani do Franco! One of my favourite singer songwriters!

Also I really like your words in your sidebar about drawings in the surf.

Jenn here: said...


Ani is a huge inspiration for me.