Welcome to my new creative blog! I have had my other blog, Jenn in Spain, up for a while now, and I love it!

Jenn is Spain is supposed to be about Spain, my adventures living here, and a means to keep my family in the U.S. updated. It has required a lot of creativity, but it is not the place for my own creative creations: poetry, painting, and the occasional photo.

I love the creative blogging community, and I realized I was only visiting (commenting, reading) and not participating (sharing). So concider this blog my finally getting in on the conversation.

It may look new and small, but I am an avid blogger, so it will grow and change as I paint the walls, put up the curtains, and sweep the front porch. (For now, it still has the SOLD sign on the lawn.)

I welcome all comments on my posts, and I deeply appreciate specific, thoughtful, helpful ones--ones that make me a better artist.

Here we go...

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